Modelling and Scoring

The object of scoring is to determine which sub-group of customers have the highest propensity to pay in a timely manner.

In partnership with a leader in the US and Australasian banking industry, we have developed highly-accurate models targetted at telecommunication accounts.

Developed over the past three years, and recalibrated every six months, these models allow us to maximise return while minimising time spent on collection.

3 scoring models are developed for each portfolio:

  • Preliminary Model
  • Speed Model: Propensity to pay swiftly.
  • Final Model: A recalibration based on all original data and all additional data received in the previous 15 days.

Our advanced scoring software allows us to quickly and efficiently model profitability of accounts based on an extensive range of variables.

Tech Partners

Our partners include: Veda, TICA, RPData, Stickman, CreditSoft, TCN, Collect,  DMOT and Acceleon.